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Clean Eating Road Trip Snack Bag

Y’all, we are only a day away from my first actual con! Sci-fi convention, that is – I promise I’m not trying to pull off some major con job on some poor unsuspecting sap 🙂 This will be the first convention I’ve been to and actually bought a badge and walked the con and been a part of everything, and I could not be more excited! The last one I went to, I mainly went to babysit my sister (which was great), but this time, I get to be a part of it all and I’m having a hard time containing my enthusiasm.

The con is up in the Chicago area, which means we’ll need to take a 2.5 hour drive up. Now, the drive is a pretty short one, but when Matty and I take road trips, we always end up stopping somewhere to pick up drinks or snacks. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but since we’re trying to eat better and spend less money – I thought it would be a good time to bring back the snack bag!

The snack bag is obviously not a new concept – packing snacks for a long trip has long been on the to-do list for avid travelers like us. But it can be difficult to narrow down the items you want to pack, especially if you’re trying to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. (I emphasize balance because if you’re eating well 90% of the time, there’s nothing wrong with a treat now and then!)

This bag is perfect for taking road trips and maintaining your balanced diet! You can pack it full of good-for-you snacks and not have to spend a fortune at gas stations trying to choke down the “Healthy” options they provide. The bag takes a little bit of planning depending on how long your trip is – you want to make sure you have things in the bag that don’t need refrigeration and can last a few days if you’re looking to have it on your return trip.

For our snack bags, I like to include a bunch of nutritious food as well as water, and a few better for you treats to help stave off the junk-food temptations on the road! Here’s what I like to pack in my bag:


(2) 1/2 gallon Water Bottles
(1) Apple Pear (I like to slice this up and keep it in a ziploc bag for less mess)
(1) Small container of Happy Hair Snack Mix
(4) Cuties
(1) Container of mixed nuts
(2) Small bags of Baked Chips
(2) Kind Bars (I like the nuts and spices version!)
(2) 12oz mason jars of Sweet Tea


It’s a really great mix of nutrition and treats, and it’s all pretty non-perishable (it’ll at least last through our drive up and back)! Best of all I think it’ll keep the more junk-food inclined of the two of us happy 😉

I hope you guys like the snack bag – if you make one up, let me know what you like to put in yours!



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