Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

Week 8 Meal Plan and Grocery List

Happy Saturday everyone!! Today I am excited to start a new section on the blog that I think will be really helpful to you guys 🙂

I absolutely love meal planning and grocery shopping – it absolutely makes my healthy lifestyle possible and less frustrating by not having to figure out what I want to do every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. But the main complaint I get from people about why they don’t eat healthier or make better choices is that it takes too much time to plan everything out.

Well, in the interest of helping everyone achieve their healthy eating goals and create new lasting habits, I’ve decided to share my weekly meal plans and grocery lists! Every week I create a meal plan for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 snacks for a week for Saturday – Friday. These meal plans don’t follow any specific diet, other than my personal requirement to have at least 1 serving of fruits or vegetable at every meal (if I can squeeze on into a snack too, that’s even better!). To save time and money, I batch cook breakfast and lunch and buy some snacks – which means the only variety in my meals is dinner. If you don’t mind having the same thing for breakfast and lunch throughout the week, this will be perfect for you 🙂

I generally just aim for a pretty whole foods based diet (which is reflected in the meal plans) but if you’re looking for a specifically gluten free diet, or Paleo, or Vegan, or Vegetarian, by all means let me know – I’m more than happy to experiment for a week and come up with something for you guys!

So this week you’ll be needing your crock pot twice (because who doesn’t love a good no cooking/no clean up kind of night? 😉 ), and you’ll need to browse through a few sites to find a good recipe for Saturday (it wouldn’t be a mystery night, without a little mystery!) Alternatively, you could use Saturday to go out to eat and skip the work altogether. And this Friday is my monthly pizza night – feel free to partake in homemade healthy pizza, go out for a greasy bite, or skip it entirely and have some leftovers! Below you’ll find a graphic overview, and links to excel files that include the Meal Plan for the week, recipes to go along with it, and another excel file with the grocery list.

Here’s a quick overview!


To get to the meal plan and subsequent recipes, you can click here!

To get to the grocery list, you can click here! (The list has two pages, one is listed by category (Produce, Dairy, Meat, etc.) and the other is listed by Meal)

If you have any requests for diet specific meal plans, do let me know! Otherwise we’ll just keep keepin’ on 🙂



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