Happy Yule! Crafts, Prayers, and Poems to help you celebrate the season

Hey y’all! Today we’re wishing everyone a very Happy Yule that celebrates 🙂 I know Yule often gets incredibly overshadowed by Christmas, so I wanted to spend a little time today sharing some crafts, prayers, and poems to help get your day going!

Witching Balls by Moody Moons

Image result for patti wigington yule log

Creating a Yule Log by Patti Wingington

Image by ansaj/E+/Getty ImagesCinnamon Ornaments - Westend61 / Getty Images

Image by Mike Bentley/E+/Getty ImagesPatti Wigington

Yule Ornaments by Patti Wingington

Prayers: Patti Wingington at About.com has been a huge informational source for me in my spiritual journey towards Paganism. She writes prolifically about the Sabbats and Esbats, offering prayers and insight on each struggle readers face connecting their faith and secular world. She’s got a great collection of Prayers for Yule that you can read here!

Poems: Reading always helps put me in the mood for the holidays. If you’re like me, poems really help push you to the festive mindset and lend a creative hand in making the day and celebration memorable! Here you’ll find a few collections of poems that may help you feel a little more in the Yule Spirit!

in the dark of winter, remember this day •

yule, solstice, winter blessings


I think that about does it for me today y’all – I hope everyone has a merry and blessed Yule and you find joy and happiness in the longest night and promise of the return of the Sun!

*Please note: accreditation has been noted as best as possible on each picture, craft, and prayer. If I’ve missed any credits or gotten the credits wrong please let me know so I can fix it and give credit where it is due!*

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