How To Clean Your Space in 2 Hours or Less!

Happy Thursday! It’s almost Friday!! This week has been incredibly long with dealer training events every day this week, meaning I am totally wiped out. Unfortunately week long training events also mean that I’ve been wiped out all week and have not had the time or energy to keep up on my daily chores at home, and some things are piling up! (Mainly laundry, and dishes, haha!)

Generally my house isn’t too messy, but with two adults and a very sheddy cat, the cleaning situation can deteriorate pretty quickly over the course of a week. And during the winter months when my work hosts training and other events for extended periods of time, cleaning tends to take a back seat to eating and sleeping in between event days! That’s why I use this method at least once a week to keep my house neat, tidy, and ready to roll for the upcoming week (when I will probably still be recovering from the week before 😉 )

Now, obviously the 2 hour window will fluctuate depending on the size of your home, but it takes me about two hours to clean 2 of the three stories in my home including a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and 2 bathrooms. I suppose this isn’t so much a “method” as it is a few tips to help you speed things along 🙂 So, here’s a few things to keep in mind on a big cleaning day!

  1. Pick a floor/room and go in order. I like to start upstairs in the bedroom, pick one wall/corner to start and just clean in a circle until the room is done! Once you’re done with a room, move on to the next one!
  2. Use a hands free music method. I love music, and I love using music to help make things go a bit faster when I’m cleaning! But girl clothes are notoriously lacking in pockets which makes holding onto any bulky devices (read: smartphones) a pain, and trying to readjust earbuds every 5 minutes is just annoying. If you’ve got a stereo, or a TV with a Chromecast or other device that will play Pandora or iHeartRadio – put it to good use! Turn on your TV or Stereo, crank up your tunes, and free up your hands to clean quicker while you enjoy your music!
  3. Disregard empty rooms. When you have a bigger space to clean it can be tempting to want to clean everything including the rooms you never go in. Yes, it could probably use a dusting or a quick rearranging of furniture or vanity items – but if you’re looking for a quick clean up, save the extra rooms for another time! I don’t use my office as an actual office at the moment, nor do I step foot in my tiny basement for any other reason than getting to the garage – so I disregard those rooms completely when I’m looking to do a 2 hour clean! I focus on the rooms I spend the most time in and let the other rooms stay a mess until I have enough energy to get it done 🙂
  4. Make a reasonable list. If you’re a list-person like me, you’ll want to put every little action on your list of things to get done in your little time window. If you’re also like me and overestimate how much time/energy you actually have, it’s going to be difficult to not put “Deep clean entire house” on your list and expect to get it all done! Go room by room and make a list of items you definitely want to get done – but try to keep it to essential cleaning tasks only! Quick cleaning days are not the time for rearranging your sock drawer 😉 Keep it broad (i.e. make bed, start laundry, vacuum floors). You can always do the extra detail work a different day!
  5. Limit distractions: Put the phone away! I have a nasty habit of checking my phone every 10 minutes regardless of what I’m doing. If it’s in sight, I’ll want to check Facebook, or Messenger, or Snapchat, and it’s just generally in the way! Phones, video games, and other screens can take up huge amounts of time when you’re trying to focus, so put it out of your mind completely by setting it somewhere remote to charge. With your music up and your phone out of the way, you’ll have plenty more time to get your list done!
  6. Treat yo’self! Obviously I’m a huge advocate for rewarding efficiency! Once your cleaning is done, relax! Take a few minutes to do your favorite non-activity and unwind. Whether that’s dinner with some friends, or just curling up with a book, you worked hard to get your space clean – enjoy it!

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me! What kind of tips do you follow to help you clean faster/better?




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