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Recipe: Happy Hair Ranch Snack Mix

This week at work we have 4 straight days of Dealer Training. My company invites all of our dealers to attend a 1.5 day training event that walks them through everything from our sales approach and gathered data, to hands on training for all of our Spring and Fall products. It’s really a great few days of learning, networking, and food. We feed our dealers as many meals a possible, and boy does that take a toll on a clean eating diet!

Breakfast provided is usually donuts and some fruit, with a morning snack of check mix, Gardettos, and soda. Then lunch is either Jimmy John’s, or pizza (neither of which are healthy…), followed by more of the morning snack. And dinner is a giant 16oz ribeye steak with heavy mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, a salad drenched in ranch, and sweet tea. Last year I found out the hard way that 2 straight weeks of this in a month for two months in a row is the easiest way to gain 5 pounds!

My role in this years training is significantly decreased from last year, which means I’m not up running around burning off all of the crap I’m willingly ingesting! And with my recent year of weight fluctuation and health problems, eating well is still my #1 priority – which means I need to bring along my food for the day and avoid temptation!

Cue this snack mix:


I absolutely love ranch so when I found this SmartFood Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn, I just knew I had to do something with it! Obviously this popcorn is not super healthy and is likely very highly processed, but it’s not like it’s the star of the snack mix – it’s just there for some pops of fun!

This snack mix is customized especially for my goal of growing out my hair again and includes some of the best foods for hair growth and nutrition* with a few gems of flavor. I made a big batch of this for the week ahead so I can snack on half a cup of this instead of a bag of Gardettos every time I’m hungry between meals!


This mix is super easy to make if you have an hour to spare during the day. Just toss your nuts and seeds with a little bit of oil and your ranch mix, then roast them in a 300 degree oven for an hour stirring every so often, then toss in some popcorn and you’re good to go!

This mix is currently sitting in an airtight container on my desk within arms reach, just waiting to be eaten! I can’t wait to have an alternative to the pre-packaged snacks all week long and stay on track!


1 cup raw cashews
1 cup raw almonds
1 cup unflavored pumpkin seeds
1 cup of Smart Foods Spicy Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn
1 T Oil of choice
1 packet Dry Ranch Mix

– Preheat oven to 300 degrees
– Toss nuts and seeds in oil, then in ranch mix
– Lay nut mixture out on sheet pan, roast in oven for 60 minutes shaking the pan every 20 minutes to ensure even roasting
– Let nut mixture cool, then toss in a bowl with popcorn. Separate out into individual containers, or keep in large airtight container in a cool dry place


*I understand these links are not necessarily the top health information websites, but you get the point 😉


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