Getting Through Social Events When You’re Feeling Anti-Social

We all have those anti-social days. The days where all you want to do is curl up in your room away from everyone with a good book or a new season of your favorite show on Netflix, some snacks, and some peace and quiet. But we know life doesn’t always allow for those days when we need them the most! Here’s a few ways to survive those social gatherings so you can get back home an recharge!

  • Give yourself a time limit: When you don’t want to be around people, it’s hard to motivate yourself to get out the door and off to that party, or that dinner with the girls you’ve been putting off. But it’s much easier to get up and going when you know you don’t have to be there all night! Give yourself 30-45 minutes: Tell yourself you have to stay for whatever (reasonable!) length of time you’ve set, and try to enjoy yourself. If you’ve reached your time limit and you’re ready to go home, head on out! Sometimes you might find you just need to get into the friendly environment to be able to enjoy yourself and you may want to stay passed your time limit. But don’t feel bad if you can’t fake a smile passed your time limit, either!
  • Keep your phone out of reach: When you’re wanting to hide from the world, it seems easiest to just hunker down in a corner with your phone in hand and avoid the whole social aspect of your outing. But staying away from socializing can make your time limit feel like it’s taking much longer than you planned! If you’ve made the effort to come out into a social setting, do yourself a favor and put the distractions away. Making yourself be social for a few minutes at a time will make the time go a bit quicker, and it’s great to just have some fun!
  • Remember to keep yourself in check: There’s nothing worse than going beyond your limits! Make sure that you’re keeping tabs on your feelings and your limits so when you are ready to jet, you don’t stay any longer than you need to! Keeping your limits in mind also means saying “no” to outings if you really aren’t feeling up to it. There’s nothing wrong with taking a rain-check and taking some time for yourself to recharge and be alone for a while! Just remember to get back out there and socialize again when you’re ready – your friends will be waiting!

If you’re feeling anti-social and went out anyway – once you’re home it’s time to relax! Kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy some you time – you deserve it!


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