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5 Ways to Get Your Heartrate Up That Aren’t Running

When most people hear exercise, they think running. Maybe some biking or swimming thrown in there, but it’s mainly some very rigorous activities. If you like to run, fantastic! I hope you have fun doing so. But for those of us that do not enjoy running or biking but still want to get some blood pumping, here are 5 different exercises to help you sweat today that don’t involve running or biking!

1. Video Games: I am totally in love with my Wii! Not because I’m on it all the time playing Raving Rabbids or Mario Kart (though, those are perfectly valid ways to use your Wii 😉 ) but I love it because it gives me an excuse to get moving! I recently got Zumba World Fitness for my Wii and let me tell you, by the end of my 40 minute class, I am SWEATING up a storm! There are tons of games out there for Wii and other motion detection consoles that can get you up off the couh and get your muscles moving without having to leave the comfort of your home!
2. Hiking: It’ll be a little cold for this in the coming weeks, but Matt and I really like hiking when we get the chance. It doesn’t require any speed or skill, just a willingness to have fun a good pair of shoes. Hiking is great because you get to see a lot of scenery, you get to climb all over the place, and it’s a great toning workout – the best part is, it doesn’t even feel like a workout so it’s just plain fun!
3. Cleaning: Okay, hear me out on this one. I know cleaning is not pleasant for most people and not everyone enjoys spending hours a day deep cleaning the house (I know, I’m strange.) But! Cleaning can be a great way to get your heart pumping depending on the activity! My house has a lot of stairs, so cleaning up the livingroom and dining room usually involves running up and down a flight of stairs every 5 minutes – talk about getting winded! Even without stairs, cleaning relatively quickly and doing a lot of full body motions (think sweeping, moping, cleaning the bathroom) can get your heartrate up and get your whole body moving!
4. Jump Rope: 3 months ago, I never would have put this on the list. 3 months ago me would have said, “Jumping rope is super easy, and definitely not a legit workout.” Well, 3 months ago me, open mouth – insert foot. Maybe it’s just because I’ve got a good 100 pounds on 4th grade me that used to jump rope every day, but jumping rope is hard. It takes your full body strength and some crazy endurance to complete a full minute of jumping rope. And that’s before you add in all the crazy things you used to do as a kid like double dutch or jumping with one leg. Just be sure to wear some shoes, the tops of my welt-covered feet beg of you 😉
5. Dance Party: Lastly, I must admit I am guilty of this when Matt is at work or doing something to his car. I love music, and I love dancing (poorly). A good 20 minute dance party to some awesome music will leave you totally out of breath with a huge smile on your face! And the best part about a dance party is that you can do it alone or grab a few friends and your favorite mix-tape and just have a good time.

Working out doesn’t have to be awful! And if you do enjoy running or swimming or biking, and just need something to do on a rest day or to jazz up your routine, these are some great alternatives that still get you some exercise! So go ahead, grab your favorite gear, a friend or two, and let’s get sweating!


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