Finding Faith: Searching for answers in all the right places [Resources] (Updated)

Faith is often the cornerstone of many folk’s lives. Their lifestyle is driven by their religious beliefs and practices that have been cultivated over so many years and intertwined with their culture. But for those of us with spiritual souls who have strayed from our original path, there remains a hole in our hearts and our day-to-day lives. While the ritual of prayer and holy texts no longer make their way into our routines, many of us spend our time searching for a path we belong on. Others who are strong in their faith but still wish to learn about other paths could spend years of their lives searching for the answers to life’s burning questions from a different perspective.

Whether you’re looking for information on a specific faith just to broaden your horizons, or you’re looking to fill a void in your life with a spiritual journey and lifestyle change, it can be difficult to know where to begin. While the options are overwhelming, below are some great places to start to help you find the answers you seek!

  1. Holy Books:
    Most every faith has asset of holy books and scriptures where practitioners can turn for guidance and learning. There is a great abundance of these books online that you can access for free:

There are some faiths, however that don’t have one set of holy scriptures – pagan faiths come to mind and vary from tradition to tradition as to the status of scriptures and if they are considered holy. Investigating each tradition by itself will (there are a great many of them!) will yield the results you’re looking for.

      2. Online Studies:
In our great age of enhanced communication, many graciously choose to share their faith by creating self- led courses for others to learn their way around scripture and core tenets.

Of course there are other course that you can pay to take, but in my own research I’ve found that the free courses give you a ton of useful information to give you a good base line of information should you choose to move forward or be content with the knowledge you’ve gained.
      3. Connecting with Followers:
While a lot of us prefer to do our learning online and through reading sacred texts, the best way to learn real-life applications of a faith is to meet with a follower of the faith you’re interested in. This could be a first step in your journey, or this could be a step you take after you’ve gained enough knowledge to want to learn more and maybe apply it to your life. The best way to connect with local practitioners is to find folks that are local, or just willing to talk online:

Whatever path you choose (if you choose one), remember that faith is always a personal choice. No matter which path you travel to reach the light, the only requirement is that you make sure to listen to the direction your heart tells you to go.  Good luck and happy learning!


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