Finding Faith: How To Keep Your Relationship With God In Between Paths

For the active Seeker, it is not uncommon to find yourself wondering how to keep up your faith while you’re in between identifying with one particular religion or lifestyle. If you’re a particularly spiritual person, it can feel like you’re simply lost without the daily ritual of prayer, and it can be confusing knowing how to pray when you aren’t obligated to do it a certain way. Often this wayward period can make Seekers feel like they have no choice but to subscribe to a new faith quickly  just to have some sort of structure and keep a connection with the Divine Spirit.

However, jumping into a new faith before you have all of the facts about it can be more damaging to your spiritual health than just waiting to find the answers you seek. It is possible to keep your faith in God intact as well as your relationship with Him/Her while you seek your ultimate path.

I’ve been where you are, Seeker. A few times actually, including now. You’re a spiritual person that desires a relationship with God and if you thrive on structure, being “faithless” is a difficult position to be in. It can be difficult to know what constitutes the “right” and “wrong” way to pray and be in communion with the Diving Spirit – but I can tell you with great confidence that there is no wrong way to worship.

This idea that you need to be talking to the Divine Spirit the “right” way and the “true” way does more harm than good. For those of us that don’t know what they identify as, it’s troubling to think that if there is a “right” way to commune with the Spirit that there is also a very very “wrong” way to do so. And if you are in between faiths, it’s a dreadful thought to consider that your worship could fall into the “wrong” method bucket.

But if we remove the “good” and “bad” parts of worship, what we’re left with is relationship building with the Divine Spirit in it’s simplest form. In previous posts I have talked about how the spiritual soul longs to be with God – and if you are truly seeking your ultimate path to a better and more personal relationship with God, the worst thing you possibly do for your journey and your spiritual growth is to stop your relationship in it’s tracks to try to find a different way about it.

If your relationship with the Divine has been working for you up until now, if your prayer and communion with the Spirit has been so moving and helpful to you and your spiritual growth – keep it. I understand this could sound counterproductive, but if you’re looking for a religion that more aligns with your core beliefs and the method of prayer involved in the faith you’ve left  speaks to your heart, keep that method. For instance if you feel that you’ve been in connection with The Spirit more sincerely and truthfully using the Muslim method of prayer though you’re not a Muslim anymore, keep praying in the Muslim fashion.

This doesn’t mean you can’t change methods if you find another path that speaks to you. What this means is simply that your relationship with the Divine is of far greater importance than the way you chase that relationship. The ultimate goal in finding faith is to be closer to God – so why stall that journey in the name of labels?


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