Top 5 Things To Tell Yourself On A Bad Body Image Day

We’ve all had the bad body image day. Those days where nothing seems to fit right and after an hour of trying on your entire wardrobe, you’ve relegated yourself to your bedroom for the day. Body image days can take a serious toll both mentally and physically in different ways. While body image days are difficult for everyone, they can be especially challenging for folks battling a mental disorder (eating disorders or body dismorphic just to name a few). But when you’re tackling the beast that is body image, it’s important to remember that the bad days don’t define you and your journey, wherever that may be! If you’re having a bad body image day, here are 5 things to say to remind yourself that you’re not alone, and you can beat this!

1. Today is only one step in a marathon – Today you feel bad. But today is also just one day! Whether you’re recovering from a disorder or you’re just not feeling good, remember that tomorrow is a new day and you can try again tomorrow! There is nothing wrong with having a day to yourself in sweatpants and a hoodie. And let’s be honest, you would probably make that look cute too 😉
2. I have made the best decisions for my health that I possibly can – Even on some of my best nutrition and exercise days, I can still feel like nothing fits. I can go for a run in the morning, eat all 6 meals a day, and drink my gallon of water but when I try to get dressed for the day, nothing fits the way I want it to and I just feel like a whale. It happens to the best of us. But what’s important to remember is that you’ve made good choices for your health. Whether you’ve been trying to make a lifestyle change for a while, or you’ve only been at it for a week or two, or even if you just decided you wanted to start – you’re making progress and that’s something to be proud of regardless of how the clothes fit!
3. I will not let shame be my motivation to do better – This is one of the biggest things to remind yourself, because if you let this slide, you can seriously hurt yourself with unhealthy weight loss tactics and fad diets. Shame is powerful. Shame is what looks you right in the eye on your worst days and tells you that you won’t be good enough or thin enough or happy enough until you work yourself to the bones. Shame will tell you on your bad days to go work out, and once you’re there, it’ll tell you to keep working out until you can barely move because it’ll make you “better”. If you’re having a bad body image day, remind yourself that your body is fine the way it is now! You can love your body the way it is while still wanting to make it better – but don’t put down your current state just because you’re striving for something else!
4. I may not be perfect, but I am working on it – This goes hand in hand with #2. On bad body image days, it’s so easy to tell yourself that you haven’t been working hard enough and that the work you are putting in isn’t good enough quality. When we strive for perfection, we often fall short which makes our progress seem almost non-existant. Remind yourself that you’re not perfect, (nor should you be!) but that you’re working hard to achieve your goals. It’s about the journey, not the destination!
5. It’s normal to feel this way sometimes – And finally, give yourself the grace to feel down once in a while! No one feels great about themselves every. single. day. I bet not even pro athletes feel like their bodies are amazing 100% of the time! Give yourself some space to feel every emotion that comes up and take some time to decompress. Remind yourself that it’s normal to have some days where you just don’t feel up to par. But when you’re processing that fact, make sure you remember that you’re more than your bad days. Your bad days don’t define you!

When you’re having a bad day, reminding yourself of these 5 things can help get you out of your slump and back into feeling good the next day! What kind of things do you tell yourself when you’re not feeling great?


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