The Perfect Love

It’s an elusive concept, “The perfect love”. So often we seek it from our partners in life, our best friends, our mentors. Yet most often we hear how they come up short. What is it that makes this love so perfect and what exactly do we seek to gain from this perfection? Any person on the street would tell you it’s in our DNA to love and be loved in return. It’s hard-wired into us as humans to seek out this emotional connection. But the only time I ever hear the term “perfect love” is from someone who has found their spiritual path to God.

My best friend often tells me how much peace she’s found in God’s perfect love. How she has given up her path to Him and prays for direction and waits for Him to answer. She’s received her answers and finds great comfort in His ways – truly I couldn’t be happier for her. There is no better feeling than complete peace in life and I wish nothing but that perfect peace and love to everyone I encounter on my path. But if I’m being honest I’ve not found my “perfect love” in giving up control.

Like many others, I’m a control freak – I like to lay my path out in front of me, line my plan up, and go for it. I don’t like playing in the dark – at the very least I need a light to guide the next 4 feet in front of me. So the concept of giving up what feeble sense of control I have in the hopes of reaching this perfect love is a foreign one.

Regardless of my path, it’s safe to say that I still seek my perfect love. I still seek the ultimate peace and feeling of belonging I’m told comes with perfection.  Though I’m told my sole path to peace is by giving up my small yet firm grasp on life, recently I’ve come to find a path that proves the opposite. I’m a firm believer in the concept that God will reveal Himself to you in ways that your soul can personally identify with to bring you near to Him. For many different times in my life He’s revealed Himself to me in many many ways, each time giving me more information than the last about Him and bringing me closer to Him in ways I couldn’t imagine.

So it’s no surprise then that this time He’s come to me in a most unexpected way. We say all the time that humans are imperfect creatures – we sin, we lie, we cheat, we steal, we hurt each others feelings, and we stand idly by while atrocities are committed. God’s perfect love cannot possibly be found among humans… or so I thought.

I received a book a few days ago, an Introduction to the Baha’i faith, by some very good friends. In the front cover was a note, short and sweet, that has made me rethink my idea of Perfect Love and where it comes from. “To Hass. Love, The Littells.”

Love, The Littells. Stop with me for a moment to think about the gravity of these words.

This family, having known me for two short weeks, has invited me into their home on multiple occasions, listened patiently to the stories of my past, and given me the most incredible sense of peace just by being in their presence. And having no obligation to me whatsoever, this family has opened their hearts to share with me the beauty of their faith and the love and peace they have in their very souls for the people around them. They’ve shown exceeding compassion for everyone in their path in every aspect of life, and I have yet to leave their presence not smiling or at ease with life and it’s anxieties.

Tell me that’s not what God’s Perfect love is about! God’s perfect love encompasses all of our emotional needs – the need to give love and be loved in return, the desire for utter peace within our hearts – to be free of anxieties and life’s hurts and ailments. God’s perfect love on Earth fulfills these needs alone because that which the spiritual heart longs for cannot be accomplished fully here in this life. The spiritual soul longs to be with God in the end, to be in His presence and seek His face. But while we cannot do that on Earth, the best we can do is seek Him in ourselves, and in others.

When I’m told now that we cannot possibly find God’s perfect love in our fellow humans, I will respectfully disagree. For I have met the embodiment of God’s perfect love, and am thoroughly convinced that He has placed his perfect love within us all to show to others on our path. God will grant you his perfect love and peace through any means he chooses. Even through His creation… Especially through His creation.

O Son of Being!
With the hands of power I made thee and with the fingers of strength I created thee; and within thee have I placed the essence of My light…” – Baha’u’llah


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