Re-Evaluating Goals

One of the most important aspects of achieving your goals is taking a few moments to re-evaluate your plan every few weeks. Often when you’ve been hammering away at a goal for long enough, it’s easy to lose sight of your prize and stray from your plan. Taking a look at your goals to see if they have stayed the same over time is equally as important as examining your game plan to make sure that you’re staying the course and making sure that your schedule is still working for you. There’s nothing more frustrating than staying on a schedule that won’t get you where you need to go – or worse, staying on a plan that gets you to a destination you no longer want to be at! Following these steps will help you reexamine your goals and set a framework to revamp your current plan to complement your new and improved goals.

  1. First thing’s first: take a look at your goal. No matter how long ago you made this goal, you as a person change and grow over time, so it’s only natural that your goals should too! Do you still want the exact same goal you made previously? If the answer is yes, move on to step two. If you’re up in the air about it, take some time to think about in what ways your goal has changed – remember: it’s not uncommon for your goal to shift focus over time so if your goal has changed, don’t beat yourself up about it!
  2. Once you’ve looked at how your goal has changed (if at all), it’s time to decide if your game plan is still working for you. Take a good hard look at your plan: are you still following it? Are there areas you’ve been neglecting? If your goal has stayed the same, ask your self this: if I keep going full throttle on this plan, will it get me where I want to be in a reasonable time frame? If the answer is no, it’s time to change your plan! Similarly, if your goal has changed, it’s highly unlikely that your plan will still compliment your new goal. It’s time to dig deep and find a new plan that works better for you!
  3. When you’re creating your new plan, it may be easiest to take your old plan and just tweak it to suit your new needs. If your goal has only shifted slightly, this will be the most efficient way to re-center yourself. If your goal has done a complete 180, revamping your old plan may not work for you – you may need to start from scratch! These questions may help you get back on track:
    • What’s my [new] goal/focus?
    • How quickly do I want to achive this goal?
    • What skills do I have that will help me get there?
    • What skills do I need to gain to achieve my goal?
    • How much time will I need to devote to this every day and what kind of activities can I do daily?
    • Can I break this goal up into sections to accomplish on a daily/weekly basis?

When making an entirely new plan, keep in mind that it will be a pretty time consuming process. Often times achieving goals requires a certain degree of lifestyle change which can be difficult on its own. Switching goals can seem daunting and frustrating, especially if you’ve been on a certain plan for an extended amount of time – it can feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time on your old goal to just “give it up” now. If you’re feeling frustrated about seemingly having thrown away a chunk of time and energy on a goal you’re no longer chasing, think about all of the things you’ve learned over that time period. Did you learn a new skill? Did you learn something new about yourself, perhaps a new talent or a new personality trait? Every experience can be put to good use later in life, so remember not to discredit all of the hard work you’ve put in this far!

Tweaking your goals and creating new plan to achieve them can feel like giving your old walls a new coat of paint. So if you find yourself hitting a wall in your goals, making a new plan could be just the solution you need! To keep things fresh and on a steady track, remember to re-evaluate your goals regularly, and really dig deep to find the answers to your burning questions!


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