Quick Walk

Happy Saturday! Today I had planned on going for a walk after a certain six year old’s birthday party (she’s cute as a button, guys!) but instead I succumbed to the dreaded naptime. I was only supposed to sleep for half an hour! But like every nap I ever take, I end up sleeping for 3 hours true to family form and completely wasting my day. Luckily it’s till summertime and when I woke up at 6pm I still had plenty of time to go for my walk! Unfortunately there’s really not much to take pictures of in my neighborhood, so here’s what I did manage to capture this evening! It was definitely a quick walk so I didn’t get much, but I hope you like the fruits of my 10 minute labor 🙂

Baby Pinecone Rear FocusBaby Pinecone WidthLeafLow Hanging Branch UnderbellyLow Hanging Branch WidthTownhome Prairie Grass

All images © 2016 Hass Kimmey


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