Stardust (part 1)

The promise of distant life glittered in the twilight. She sat herself on the edge of the bed gazing up at the luminous spread above her, and she wondered who she was sharing this calmest evening with. It couldn’t be that she was the only one to watch these stars…

Staring off into the distance, she imagined her silent companions. Envisioning one by one the multitude of heartbeats that watched the same sky her eyes lingered on. The once cyan sky had evolved into a deep, inviting indigo, and suddenly she found the evening had slipped through her fingers. Glancing down at her watch, the sight of a delicate scarlet string caught her eye. Wrapped around her wrist was a string of glittering rubies that reflected the smallest of light sources. Her eyes examined each individual stone as the she followed the length of it hanging lazily out of the window and down to the ground outside first floor. She wondered what was hiding at the end of it as her eyes lost track of it trailing around the street corner.

As she examined her new jewelry, she heard a faint whisper on the wind. It dared her to follow – dared her out on an adventure through the lonely world. the worlds danced on a warm summer breeze, “…adventure… end of the rope… Don’t you wanna…?” The string swayed lightly in the wind, as if waiting for her answer.

“Don’t you wanna…?”

Bounding off the bed and down the front steps, she plunged into the inky night chasing down the end of the scarlet string.


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